Putin coming to Serbia, date yet to be set

The official visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Serbia is expected to happen October or November this year.

A big Russian delegation will arrive in Belgrade before Putin, that will comprise of hundreds of government officials and business people from Russia.

This was announced on Tuesday by the Russian Federation Ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Chepurin. After the announcement, Chepurin reminded that the two countries have good cooperation, but that it needed to be further improved.

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The Kremlin announced on Tuesday that the exact date of the visit is not yet known. According to earlier announcements, Putin, in his fourth visit to our country, could be the guest of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at the military parade marking the centenary of the victory in the First World War, which is due to be held on 1st November.

The plan is for Serbia to showcase new weapons of domestic and foreign production at the parade, as well as premiere MIG-29 aircraft that arrived last year from the Russian Federation. The parade will also include hundreds of tanks and as many combat vehicles and missile launch vehicles as, as well as several dozen echelon members of all military types. Furthermore, anti-aircraft defence systems from Belarus are supposed to be showcased in front of Palata Srbija. Apart from military-technical cooperation, the two statesmen will discuss the agreements in the field of economy and energy.

“A meeting of the intergovernmental committee for cooperation between the two countries will be held in Belgrade in October. In the first eight months of this year, the external trade between the two countries has increased by 20 percent, and I hope that its value will exceed three billion dollars. The Russian share in Serbia’s external trade in the first eight months of this year amounted to 6.7 percent, which means that Russia is the third biggest external trade partner of Serbia”, said Chepurin.

As announced in October, Russia will adopt an economic development programme in the next six years, which will be “a gigantic step forward and will include Serbia.”

Warmly welcomed guest to Belgrade

President Putin first came to Serbia in 2001 when he talked with the then FRY president, Vojislav Kostunica. Then, a decade later, he visited Belgrade again and met with Boris Tadic, who was then Serbian president.  He also spoke to the deputies, visited the Red Star Stadium and St. Sava Temple. In 2014, he arrived in Serbia as a guest at the military parade “The Winner’s Step”, in honour of the liberation of Belgrade in the Second World War.

(Vecernje Novosti, 04.09.2018)





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