Putin cancels his visit to Serbia

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has cancelled the planned visit to Serbia, according to the portal Nova.rs and Danas daily.

The Kremlin did not disclose why Putin withdrew from the visit scheduled for October 20, “but the Russians certainly don’t like the recent Serbian rapprochement with American positions.”

“Putin will not come to Serbia, even if it has been announced for months. His arrival was scheduled for October 20, when Belgrade’s Liberation Day is celebrated. He was to participate in the consecration ceremony of Saint Sava Temple. However, it will almost certainly not be here”,  a source from the Serbian Orthodox Church says.

The Russian Embassy in Belgrade claims that it has no information on whether their President will be in the Serbian capital in October, although there has been talk about it for some time.

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The Serbian Orthodox Church’s Patriarch Irinej had spoken of Putin’s arrival in Serbia, stating that a date had been set for the reopening of the San Sava Temple and that he expected the Russian head of state to attend the ceremony.

“We have set that date, but the question is whether it will be possible to organize it in the second half of October. It depends on many factors. We hope that the Russian President Vladimir Putin will participate and we have not given up on that idea. I repeat this will happen if the situation allows it, ”Irinej said in August.

Previously, a similar announcement was made by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, after he was in Moscow in June. “Putin has confirmed that he will come to Serbia in October. It will be a magnificent event when we consecrate the Temple of Saint Sava. These will also be the days that will commemorate the joint struggle of the Serbian and Russian people in the Second World War,” Vučić said after his meeting with the Russian President.

(N1, 14.10.2020)


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