Putin and Vucic meet in Moscow

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Russian President Vladimir Putin met yesterday in Russia with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov and an assistant to Russian President, Yuri Ushakov attending the meeting too.

Vucic said that he talked in great detail about the current situation in Kosovo and Metohija with his Russian counterpart, as well as about Serbia’s aspirations, the role that Russia could play and the kind of support that Serbia expected from Russia.

“Everything I asked for, I got … We talked for two hours in much detail. We talked about Kosovo alone for 50 minutes. I talked about the possible situations if the provocations (from the Kosovo side) would continue and if there were any attacks on our people in Kosovo. We talked about the situation in the region, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Republic of Srpska, and about the situation after the referendum in Macedonia. There is no regional issue that we have not analyzed in detail”, Vucic said after the meeting.

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The Russian agency quoted Vucic as saying that he thanked the Russian president for supporting Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. 

Asked whether he told Putin about the “demarcation plan”, Vucic said he had nothing to say about the plan that was rejected by the EU countries, Albanians and Serbs.

“I thought it was a rational solution, but nobody else thought the same. I talked (with Putin) about the situation, the fears that I have if the provocations continue and if there were any attacks on our people and their property in Kosovo,” Vucic explained.

Vucic also “gave high marks to the cooperation of Moscow and Belgrade on the international arena and expects that the two countries will be strengthening cooperation in the economic sector,” the report said. 

“We have settled a lot of concrete issues today, and I am looking forward to meeting (Putin) in Belgrade soon,” he added. 

“The situation in the Western Balkans is very difficult, and Serbia as a state faces numerous provocations on a daily basis,” Vucic said at the meeting with Putin in Moscow on Tuesday. “We are very far from any resolution of the Kosovo issue.”

The two leaders mapped “future steps” in negotiating a deal with Kosovo that would encompass the interests of all stakeholders in the region, Vucic told reporters after the meeting. He declined to elaborate. Russia’s ambassador to Serbia said last month Moscow would support a deal suitable for Serbia.

“Serbia will preserve its independence, Serbia will preserve its military neutrality and Serbia is not planning to become a member of NATO or any other military alliance,” Vucic said at the Kremlin on Tuesday night.

The Serbian president also said that his Russian counterpart could visit Serbia before the end of this year.

Vucic concluded that he expected the Russian President’s visit to bring more economic results, accelerate the growth of the external trade between the two countries, create more support for Serbia’s territorial integrity and the country’s free decision-making.

(Sputnik News, 02.10.2018)



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