Putevi Srbije (Serbian Roads) will ask for a toll increase

The Acting Director of Putevi Srbije (public enterprise in charge of Serbian roads), Zoran Drobnjak said today that, come September, the company would submit a request for increase in toll to the Serbian government.

Drobnjak says that the state needs additional 100 million euro a year to maintain the roads, and will therefore send a letter to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Construction asking them to approve a higher toll.

“I am going to submit a price increase request in September, which is supposed to come in effect as of next year, January or February,” Drobnjak said.

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 Drobnjak confirmed that every year an increasing number of vehicles were using Serbian motorways. This year, there will be 54.5 million vehicles, while last year 49 million. He also pointed out that the toll in Serbia was the lowest in the whole of Europe.

Ten days ago, Drobnjak gave a statement for the media, announcing that he would ask for a 10% increase in toll. However, the Minister of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic rejected this claim, saying that the increase was not being considered.

“We have not given a thought to this issue,” Mihajlovic told Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS), commenting on Drobnjak’s statement that he was going to submit a toll increase request. 

She said that it was up to the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Serbia to decide how high the toll should be.

(021.rs, 01.08.2018)



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