Public survey:”Support for both SNS and the opposition is stagnating”

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that the opposition, judging by the ratings, is not doing so well, while various public opinion surveys show that the support both for the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and opposition parties is stagnating but that “the anti-Vučić sentiment is greater than the anti-opposition sentiment“.

The editor of New Serbian Political Thought (NSPM), Đorđe Vukadinović, says that Vučić “customarily” uses the tactic of marketing half-truths, to claim that the opposition’s ratings really do not look impressive.

According to NSPM research, support for opposition parties is between two and five percent, says Vukadinović, adding that these are ratings of separate opposition parties and movements and that the overall picture of the situation would be different if the opposition were united.

He also says that the opposition’s rating has not decreased in the past month and that there is no excessive difference in the numbers now and at the end of April when the NSPM published its research.

Vukadinović goes on to say that there is minimal growth in support for some opposition parties and today, the biggest support is for opposition parties that are of civil province.

Speaking about the ratings of the SNS, Vukadinović states that the party has managed to stabilize its support.

“There is no doubt that the support for SNS is greater than the support for the opposition. The SNS supporters have managed to stabilize the ratings so that it does not plummet anymore,” he says.

He adds that government-friendly analysts, including Vučić himself, have added the ratings of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) to the SNS ratings, but that, even united, these two parties don’t have 50 percent of voter support. This represents a drop compared to the last election when Vučić’s and Dacić’s parties enjoyed the support of 55 percent of voters.

The survey also indicates that the “Serbia against Violence” protests, which have been taking place every week for the past two months, have not led to a drop in SNS ratings, but that the support for the party, now led by Miloš Vučević, has dropped by between five and seven percent since the 2022 elections.

The Faktor Plus Agency said that it would publish the results of its new public opinion poll soon, noting that according to the processed sample, there is stagnation in the opposition’s ratings. 

Miljan Mladenović, a researcher from New Third Way, an agency that conducts its research online, says that the minimal decline of the SNS compared to the previous elections is definitely noticeable. The opposition, he says, seems divided.

“I assume that there was a shift in the ratings of the opposition, but not so much that it would lead to the overthrow of political power in Serbia,” says Mladenović.

(Danas, 04.07.2023)

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