Public procurement to be done electronically as of July 1

Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said yesterday that, as of 1 July this year, public procurement will be carried out electronically, which will allow for greater transparency, competitiveness and reduced corruption.

Speaking at the Kopaonik Business Forum, Mali said that that was stipulated in the new public procurement law, passed in the Parliament last year.

“According to the Law on Public Procurement, will have an online public procurement portal as of 1 July and everything will be done electronically. This will allow for greater transparency, competitiveness and reduced corruption,” said Mali.

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He also underlined that the Law on Accounting stipulates that, from 1 January 2022, electronic invoices will be mandatory, and that the state will respect this deadline.

“No more stamps, paperwork, sending files, loss of documents, faxes,” said Mali.

According to him, these are two important laws out of 74 passed in the Parliament last year under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance, which will facilitate and digitize business operations.

(RTV, 02.03.2020)


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