Public-private partnership for managing waste in Belgrade

The bids for the public-private partnership for the treatment and disposal of municipal waste at the Vinca landfill were opened at the City Assembly of Belgrade on Thursday, July 13, 2017.

One bid was sent to the binding public invitation, the one by the French-Japanese consortium of companies Suez and Itochu.

As Beoinfo reports, the tender commission will reach the decision regarding the bid within the period prescribed by the law, and, if the bid is accepted, the signing of the PPP contract will follow. The contract will then need to be approved by the City Assembly of Belgrade.

In that case, the works might start in the second half of 2018.

The City of Belgrade decided to solve the issue of waste management through a PPP in the environmentally most modern and safest way, which would also allow for the production of renewable heating and electric energy, through the decision reached by the City Assembly in July 2015.

The public invitation for the submission of final bids for the realization of the projects of the Vinca landfill opened on May 26, 2017.

The project itself entails the remediation and closing of the existing landfill, using the landfill gas to produce energy, treatment of seepage, construction of a facility for municipal waste treatment and heating and electricity cogeneration, construction of a facility for construction waste recycling and construction of landfill cells in line with the EU standards. 

The project’s value has been estimated at EUR 300 million.

(eKapija, 13.07.2017)


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