Public poll:”Vucic’s party still by far the strongest in Serbia”

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is still by far the strongest political organisation in Serbia, with the support of exactly 60% of the population, according to the latest research conducted by Faktor Plus.

The survey was carried out before the announcement of the unification between SNS and Aleksandar Šapić’s SPAS. I was conducted from 28 April to 5 May on a sample of 1,200 adult citizens of the Republic of Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija excluded, reports Blic daily.

There are no big changes when it comes to political support by Serbian citizens. Ivica Dačić’s Socialists are at 8.1%, followed by the political parties of national minorities with 4%. Four other parties would also pass the electoral threshold of 3%, including the POKS – DSS coalition, which is at 3.9%, as well as Saša Radulović’s movement Dosta je Bilo and Šapić’s SPAS, while Dragan Đilas’ Freedom and Justice Party has the support of 3.3% of the electorate.

The organization Zavetnici and Vuk Jeremić’s People’s Party could hope to enter parliament for now, while the once ruling Democratic Party does not even appear in the survey. 47% of the respondents would go to the polls if elections were to take place at the time of the survey, 34% would not, while 19% do not know or do not have an opinion.

Faktor Plus’ director, Vladimir Pejić, underlines that there are practically no major changes compared to the previous survey.

“The rating of the SNS party is still stable and much higher than other parties. There might be more uncertainty in Belgrade, but this is also a big question. For the SNS to lose votes, someone has to get those votes, but for now, there is no one in the opposition who could do that. The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), on the one hand, is stable, although its rating is slightly down” Pejić underlines.

According to him, Šapić’s SPAS party has declined somewhat since the previous survey. “This research was done before the announcement of the unification of SNS and SPAS. The latter used to have around 4% support and now they are at 3.4%. This is the price that Šapić’s party has paid for entering into a coalition with the government,” Pejić noted.

(Nova, 10.10.2021)


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