Public enterprise EPS is the biggest and most profitable economic entity in Serbia

The Business Registers Agency today published its ‘Annual Report on the Operations of Economic Entities in 2020’, based on data from the consolidated annual financial reports for the years 2020 and 2019, which companies submitted to the Agency.

The annual report analyses the financial position of 630 companies, which, in addition to the parent companies, had 2,053 dependent and affiliated legal entities. The number of companies submitting the report decreased by 33 compared to the previous year, while the number of dependent and affiliated legal entities increased by 19. At the same time, the number of employees in these companies decreased from 320,567 to 316,785.

As in previous years, DELTA HOLDING DOO BELGRADE group owns the highest number of companies – 61 (five more than in 2019), of which 17 were based abroad. KOEFIK DOO BELGRADE comes in the second place with a total of 55 affiliated legal entities, i.e. 12 more than in the previous year. 47 companies operate under MK GROUP DOO BELGRADE (36 in 2019). A consolidation also took place in the economic units MPZ AGRAR DVA DOO NOVI SAD (44 legal entities), MPZ AGRAR DOO NOVI SAD (27 legal entities), then NICCO DOO BELGRADE (25 legal entities) and I&F GRUPA DOO BELGRADE (22 legal entities).

In 2020, marked by the global crisis caused by the pandemic, economic entities reduced the volume of their business activities, generating total revenues of 3,564,142 million dinars, 6.7% less than the previous year, and had total expenses of 3,387,513 million dinars, which decreased at a faster rate of 7.2%.

Generally speaking, they operated profitably, achieving a positive net profit of 144,680 million dinars, up 5.9% on the previous year. The net profit was recorded by 518 economic units (559 in 2019), whose scope of consolidation includes 1,735 dependent and affiliated legal entities, while 112 units (eight more than in the previous year) operated with a net loss with 318 dependent and affiliated legal entities.

Public enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) was the most profitable and largest economic entity in 2020, followed by MK GROUP DOO BEOGRAD, JP SRBIJAGAS NOVI SAD, COCA-COLA HBC DOO ZEMUN and HEMOFARM AD VRŠAC, which are also among the 20 companies with the highest operating revenue.

The five units with the highest operating revenues, together with JP EPS BEORAD and JP SRBIJAGAS NOVI SAD, include groups of companies that operate under NIS AD NOVI SAD, which ranks second in terms of net loss, and TELEKOM SRBIJA AD BELGRADE and DELHAIZE SERBIA DOO BELGRADE, which are highly profitable (sixth or seventh according to net profit).

(Biznis i Finansije, 21.11.2021)

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