Public broadcaster RTS is the service of the ruling regime?

“Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) exclusively satisfies the needs of the government in power and offers a despicable service to every citizen of our country”, experts say following the RTS releasing its 2020 Operations Report, which the broadcaster officially presented in front of the Serbian Parliament.

The Report, signed by RTS’ Director-General Dragan Bujošević, says that RTS has fulfilled its basic function in the past year, i.e. to produce and broadcast programmes that meet the needs of the viewers and serve the public interest.

The report also says that RTS made a profit of 2.8 billion dinars last year, that it has fewer reruns than the BBC, that the average salary of an RTS employee is about 648 euros and that after many years of generating loss, the broadcaster is now making a profit.

Zeljko Bodrozic, president of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS), stresses that those who “permanently and knowingly deceive their fellow citizens” cannot be trusted, referring to the RTS. He also believes that one day, the RTS management will undergo a serious review and analysis, and only after that “we will be able to really see what the RTS has been doing which is currently impossible, as we live in the era of fear and media lies”.

Journalist Nedim Sejdinović believes that last year’s RTS Operations Report can be interpreted in two ways. “It can be seen as a success because it shows that RTS has generated good income“. Оn the other hand, it can be said that “the RTS shares the destiny of other media outlets in the country that are in the service of the regime, and are therefore generously supported by the government in various ways, directly or indirectly, while the more independent and professional ones are barely existing financially”.

As he adds, this is typical of the Serbian Progressive Party’s media policy that is based on corruption, blackmail and fighting with the media that criticize the party in power.

(Danas, 11.08.2021)


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