Psychology is the most popular major among Belgrade university students

Psychology was the most popular study programme chosen by Belgrade University students last year.

As many as 6.3 applicants applied for a place. In second place was Information Systems and Technologies at the Faculty of Organization Science, with 3.89 applicants for a place at the faculty, and in third place was dentistry, with 3.85 applicants per place at the faculty.

Among the top 10 most popular courses of study are also Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics (2.93 for one place), Speech Therapy (2.70), Medicine (2.40), Architecture (2.37), Software Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (2.31), Pharmacy (2.28) and Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, with 2.18 enrollments per place.

Regarding the number of candidates in relation to the number of available seats students showed the greatest interest in studying at the Faculty of Organization Science. The total number of candidates enrolled last year increased slightly from the previous school year, and since 2010/2011 it has had a steady upward trend.

Within the social-humanities group of faculties, future students showed the biggest interest in the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Science (for integrated academic studies). In the medical group of faculties, as in previous years, greater interest was shown in the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics for the Faculty of Mathematics.

Last year, the best students tried to enrol in the Faculty of Medicine, where the average number of enrollment points obtained based on high school grades was 38.76, out of the required 40.

Among the faculties with the highest number of students who had the best grades in high school were Software Engineering (38.56), Psychology (38.49), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (38.48), Pharmacy-Medical Biochemistry (38.30), Information Systems and Technology 38.12), Pharmacy (38.06), Applied and Computational Physics (37.84), Astronomy and Astrophysics (37.79) and Management and Organization (37.78).

(Danas, 14.06.2022)


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