PSG: “It is crucial that the opposition enters the second round of the presidential election”

The president of the Free Citizens’ Movement (PSG), Pavle Grbović, said it was vital for the opposition to enter the second round of the presidential elections because that is where the centre of the political power of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) lies.

“We have to force the Serbian President and the SNS party, Aleksandar Vučić, to face an opponent and thus create a referendum atmosphere,” he said and added: “A defeat in the presidential elections would lead to a rapid decline at all levels, as it would break the myth of the inviolability of his government”.

He assessed that the opposition “must win” the local elections in Belgrade, while at the state level “it must prevent the SNS party from having a majority on its own”. According to him, although the time has come for the opposition to present its presidential candidate, the electoral process is not over yet.

“Certain candidates have been proposed and we are waiting to see which of them has the greatest chance of victory,” Grbović said. According to him, the idea of the deputy chairman of the People’s Party, former army chief Zdravko Ponoš, as a joint opposition candidate, could be a good solution.

“I think that a man of his format, life, professional experience and integrity could be not only a good candidate but also a good president tomorrow,” Grbović said, adding that he does not think that only a non-partisan person could win against Vučić in the presidential elections.

As he said, the election campaign should start around the New Year, and he added that he expects the opposition bloc gathered around the Democratic Party, the Freedom and Justice Party, the People’s Party and the Free Citizens’ Movement to do the election campaign together.

(Novi Magazin, 14.12.2021)



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