Protests in Serbia overtaken by the far right

“War crimes were not committed in Srebrenica”, “The coronavirus does not exist”, “5G kills”, “We do not want migrants” – these are the slogans that extreme right-wing groups, which participated in the protests in Belgrade, chanted in recent days, while other protesters sat on the sidelines or simply remained silent to these chants.

The civil protesters, dissatisfied with the way the state is fighting the coronavirus, have been recently overtaken by anti-vaccination groups, as well as groups of Serbian Orthodox monks.

The religious groups, who have been protesting for years because of the sinking of the Gracanica monastery in Valjevo, were the first to take the stage, in front of the National Parliament. Holding flags with patriotic symbols and banners with icons of saints, they sang songs about Kosovo shouting “Long live Serbia”.

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Everything went smoothly until the arrival of representatives of the ultra-right groups. Srdjan Nogo’s supporters carried banners that read, among other things: “Freedom for Srdjan Nogo” and “Orthodox Serbia has not been destroyed by war, but by pawns of the EU, Vatican and NATO within”.

Several smoke bombs were thrown, but the attempts to cause unrest, at least in comparison with the previous evenings, were of little importance.

Also present were supporters of the extremist organization called Obraz. The organization’s leader, Mladen Obradović addressed those present by saying: “We do not want migrants and we do not give sanctuaries”.

The police were present, but in significantly smaller numbers, as were the protesters. The protest was mostly peaceful, with no clashes with the police or assaults on shop windows and containers. Some petrol bottles and gas masks were seized in Terazije.  

(Blic, 12.07.2020)

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