Protests continue in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš

Several thousand citizens protested last night in the centre of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš.

The protesters responded to appeals on social networks to distance themselves from the provocateurs who had caused accidents the night before by not engaging in violence but sitting peacefully in the street. Protests were also held in other Serbian cities like Vranje and Kruševac.

Hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the Serbian parliament and in Pionir Park, with whistles and trumpets. They were carrying banners saying “Don’t be fooled, sit down” and “Arrest the thugs, don’t beat your people”. There were verbal clashes between senior citizens and younger protesters when the latter were told to stand up and protest out loud, but they responded with: “Go away, SNS bots!”.

A metal barricade had been put in front of the steps of the National Parliament with only a few uniformed police officers guarding the barricades, while policemen on horses were stationed in a nearby street.

A group of doctors and other health care workers from the COVID hospitals in Belgrade also gathered in front of St Mark’s Church and protested in front of the parliament. They told the N1 TV that they were sided with their people, that the health care system is about to break down and that the state has done nothing to prevent it. They also said that they were sacrificed for political purposes.

Protest in Novi Sad too

According to a N1 reporter, protesters gathered in Freedom Square in Novi Sad, protesting peacefully and carrying anti-regime banners and flags.

One of the younger protesters climbed the Svetozar Miletić Monument and said: “I am not asking for anything, just a normal life, for us and our children”.

Another young man asked those present to sit down and cross their arms as if they had been symbolically handcuffed. The protesters also shouted slogans against Aleksandar Vučić such as “Resignation, resignation”, “Thieves, thieves”, “Arrest Vučić”, “Vučić, you are sick!”

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The protesters then continued to move to the police building, where the activist Miran Pogačar, arrested two days ago and detained for 48 hours, is located.

Most of the protesters wore protective masks on their faces.

Police forces were deployed near the Town Hall and around the Radio and Television of Vojvodina (RTV) which were both targeted in the attacks the night before.

Similar protests also took place in Niš, Vranje and Kruševac.

(N1, 09.07.2020)


Photo credits: REUTERS/Marko Djurica


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