Protests and road blocks announced for the coming Saturday, Jan. 22

The Ekoloski Ustanak Movement and 15 other organizations have called on citizens and organizations to stage a large protest and road blocks in Belgrade on January 22 at 13:00 in front of the Sava Centre in order to “finally put an end to the Rio Tinto farce”.

“Belgrade said ‘no’ at the referendum and on Saturday it will say ‘no’ to Rio Tinto,'” activists announced and added: “Thanks to brave and determined citizens, who have been protesting and blocking the streets for weeks, the government announced the withdrawal of the Jadar project.”

“We know that they are close to fulfilling our demands. They have reached their limit, as the Prime Minister said, so let’s push them even more in that direction,” activists said and added that they were also going to block the roads leading to Loznica and Preljina.

(Danas, 18.01.2022)




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