Protesters want Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic to resign

Tens of thousands of protesters marched through the central streets of Belgrade in the fourth ‘1 in 5 Million’ protest which started as a protest against violence following the beating of an opposition leader.

The protesters demanded the resignation of the Interior Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic who appeared before cameras several times claiming that the number of people protesting was much lower than it actually was. Earlier demands include finding the assassins of Kosovo Serb opposition leader Oliver Ivanovic, the attackers on journalists and opposition leaders and activists, and five minutes of airtime for the opposition on the Serbian state TV (RTS).  

The protest started at the usual place on the plateau in front of the Belgrade University Faculty of Philosophy where actor Branislav Trifunovic, who has spoken at all the earlier protests, said that “if anyone asks who organized the protest, we should say (Serbian President) Aleksandar Vucic”. If it weren’t for him there would be no protest,” he said.

Trifunovic also said the protests in Belgrade were held in support of the Dragicevic family in Banja Luka under the slogan ‘Justice for David’. The speakers included journalist Srdjan Skoro who wished the crowd a Happy New Year without Aleksandar Vucic.

Also addressing the crowd was local community head, Desimir Stojanov who has been fighting against investors who want to reroute a river in his village of Rakita to build a power plant.

The crowd marched through central streets to the RTS building where they stopped for a short while and then later to the building housing the pro-government private Studio B TV station where President Vucic was scheduled to appear after the protest.

There were no major incidents at the protest apart from a group of 100 people, carrying banners reading “We Wont’ Give Up Kosovo”, trying to break up the protest column.

Following the initial protest which was launched under the slogan “Stop to the Bloody Shirts” after an assault on opposition leader Borko Stefanovic, Vucic csaid he would not back down to pressure from the streets even if five million people protested, prompting protesters to come up with the slogan 1 in 5 Million (#1u5miliona).

(Politika, 29.12.2018)


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