Protest scheduled for April 6 in front of former Army’s General Staff building

On April 6, 2024, the Ekološki Ustanak Movement will hold a protest in front of the former Army’s General Staff building in Belgrade following the government’s decision to hand the building over to the company owned by Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

The building was half-destroyed in the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia.

As announced, the protest will start at noon on April 6th, which is the day when Germany first bombed Belgrade in the World War II in 1941.

Radomir Lazović, co-president of the Green-Left Front, has confirmed that his party will join the protest.

“The Green-Left Front will join the protest against the General Staff building being literally given away. This is yet another case of our citizens being robbed, something that we see in every corner of our city. Because of the profits of people close to the authorities, banks are privatized, rivers are polluted and dried up, cultural and historical monuments that are centuries old, such as Kalemegdan, are endangered, and now they are giving away the land on which cultural assets that enjoy state protection are located”, says Lazović for Danas.

In the case of the General Staff building, there is also an important symbolic value as it is both an important work of architecture and a symbol of Serbia’s suffering in the NATO bombing.

The Democratic Party will participate in organizing the protest in front of the General Staff building, Srđan Milivojević, a Democratic Party MP, confirmed.

As he adds, Aleksandar Vučić gave almost all the Belgrade symbols to tycoons close to him – the Beograđanka building, Sava Centre, PKB Corporation, the Belgrade Beer Industry (BIP), etc.

(Danas, 27.03.2024)




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