Protest by Belgrade’s taxi drivers continues on Monday

Bosko Vukojevic, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Taxi Drivers, said today, that taxi drivers will continue protests in the streets of Belgrade on Monday, October 7th, with a two-hour traffic blockade, as well as demonstrations outside the Serbian government building.

“I want to rebut the news that taxi drivers will protest in Belgrade’s streets on Monday; this is just disinformation. We never even thought of stopping our demonstrations, but tomorrow we will not take them to the next level because of the visit of the Turkish President Erdogan. We do not want to make an international affair out of a national problem and send out a bad image of Serbia to the world,” said Vukojevic for N1.

Previously, taxi drivers had announced that they would radicalize the protest, with the blockade of bridges. The Turkish President will pay an official visit to Serbia on October 7-8.

The protest organizers also say that taxi drivers will continue to protest in the streets until the state fulfils their requests, namely that the law on passenger transport is implemented properly and that the illegal taxi companies, that operate via phone apps, are banned (Cameo, CarGo…)

(, Beta, 06.09.2019)



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