Prostran: ‘Prices in Serbia have gone up between 37 and 38% compared to a year ago’

Comparing May 2020 to May 2021 prices, agro-economic analyst Milan Prostran, said that in one year in Serbia, there has been a general increase in food prices by an incredible 37-38%.

“In May this year, compared to May last year, there was a general price increase of 37-38%. Compared to April, the prices went up between 3 and 4%. Three products have become extremely expensive, namely oil, sugar and cereals. Since autumn, there has been an overall increase in the price of all commodities. The price of a kilo of maize (15 dinars) did not change for nearly 10 years, and today it is at around 28 dinars. It is worrying to see that the price for October maize will go up to around 25 dinars. Wheat already costs 25 dinars a kilo. In addition, soybean prices have jumped to 85 dinars, while before it was between 40-50 dinars,” the analyst said.

He also pointed out that the coronavirus has had the effect of slowing down the movement of some goods in the market.

“Furthermore, global production has slowed down slightly, which has also affected the growth of food prices,” Prostran explained.

The expert added that the price of the most expensive cooking oil went up to 310 dinars while the lowest price is at around 200 dinars per litre.

“I wonder who has so much room to play with prices. The standard cooking oil costs from 167 dinars up to 200 but the price of sunflower hasn’t gone up a lot in price. Also, bread should not become more expensive, because Serbia still has plenty of wheat reserves,” concluded Prostran.

(Nova, 08.06.2021)



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