Proposal to abolish land conversion fee

The Serbian government adopted the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction, which expedites the procedures for issuing building permits, removes obstacles, such as the land conversion fee, and ensures that the process of issuing permits is more transparent.

“The amendments prescribe that all public buildings and all buildings that span over 10,000 square metres should have a green building certificate, which will make Serbia one of the first countries in Europe to start issuing these certificates,” the press release states.

Amendments to this law also, as stated, will introduce energy passports and the obligation of a property developer to provide third-party insurance which ensures the protection of future property buyers.

“The novelty is also that, before obtaining a use permit, property developers need to submit evidence of where their construction waste ended up, which will contribute to the resolution of the problem with unregulated landfills. Amendments also prescribe that property developers need to repair, at their own expense, the damage their trucks caused to the streets in which a facility is being built. If they fail to do so, local authorities will step in to repair the damage,” the Serbian government’s press release states.

(, 05.05.2023)

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