Prominent Serbian intellectuals and public figures urging Serbian citizens to vote

A group of prominent Serbian public figures, the signatories of the ProGlas petition, issued a proclamation on Tuesday calling the Serbian public to change what they called the unbearable social reality.

The group, which includes actors, academics, university professors, music and film critics and judges (academics Ljubomir Simović, Vladimir Kostić and Vladica Cvetković, Professor Ivanka Popović, PhD, judge Miodrag Majić, Professor Miodrag Jovanović, PhD), actor Dragan Bjelogrlić, actress Svetlana Bojković, writer Gojko Božović, film director Srdan Golubović, journalist Biljana Stepanović, rock critic Petar Peca Popović, Professor Filip Eidus, PhD, and Professor Tamara Džamonja Ignjatović, PhD), said in their proclamation that Serbia “has become a country of humiliated and privatized institutions, in the shadow of crime lined to the structures of power and with corruption that has become a way of life”.

They warned that Serbia faces isolation and expressed the conviction that all responsible and concerned citizens must face the times, make clear decisions and show readiness to testify about and take part in necessary changes.

They denied any intention of entering into politics. “None of us has the intention of fighting for any positions or posts nor to enter into the games of power. We feel called upon as much as every citizen should feel called upon,” the proclamation said.

They went on to say that their intention is to initiate a process to engage everyone in the changes that the country needs and “build a Serbia in which a repeat of this reality is impossible”.

They called the public to overcome their fears and mistrust and join the fight for a different Serbia.

The ProGlas petition will be officially published on November 9 and people will be able to sign it on the initiative’s website or at public hearings, the first three of which will be held in Zrenjanin, Gornji Milanovac and Novi Sad.

(Voice of America, 07.11.2023)

Photo credits: Beta/Milan Ilic

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