Prokop railway station to be finished by October this year?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that he expects the “magnificent” Prokop railway station to be opened on October 20, on Belgrade’s Liberation Day.

In a video on his Instagram, Vucic spoke of „tens of thousands of square meters of new space, fantastically equipped for modern Belgrade and for modern Serbia“.

Vucic earlier visited the construction site at Prokop with Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, after which he wrote that he was happy that „the work on Prokop, at the main railway station in Belgrade, is progressing“.

The construction project in Prokop is based on a joint construction contract concluded between Serbia and PSP Farman.

According to the contract, PSP Farman will build the station building at its own expense and hand it over to the public railway company upon completion, and in return, it got approval to build its own business complex at the site.

The new station building on Prokop will span 5,650 square metres, and the building will also include commercial facilities, including a garage with over 500 parking spaces.

Economist Milan R. Kovačević notes that, considering how long the works on the railway station in Prokop are taking, it cannot be said with certainty that it will be completed by the end of the year.

“It is difficult to be optimistic and believe in the stated deadlines if one knows how late this and many other projects in Serbia are already. What definitely needs to be done is to finally finish the construction of this building because it is a main railway station which design and function must be in accordance with its importance”, he adds.  

(Danas, 20.02.2023)

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