Prokop: Construction of access routes to station begins

The construction of access routes to the future main railway station Beograd Centar at Prokop, of a total of 1.2 km of length, began on Thursday, September 1. The group of contractors is headed by Strabag, and the works are worth RSD 380 million.

– It is necessary to complete the access routes so that passengers would be able to reach Prokop by public transport or taxi – Mayor Sinisa Mali said and announced the completion of the works by the next spring.

– This station will enable us to relocate the current main railway station from the city’s center and so open the possibility of carrying out the second phase of the Belgrade Waterfront project – the mayor emphasized and announced that Prokop would be fully completed by 2019 at the latest.

The works started on the access to the upper part of the station, near BIP, and the official deadline for the completion is May 22, 2017.

The project envisions a 770m, two-lane traffic route with infrastructure and a median strip and sidewalks on both sides, except at the intersection with Kneza Aleksandra Blvd. A 145 m, five-span bridge construction with abutments is also planned. 

As well, 1,500 meters of sewage pipes, around 560m of water supply lines, 26 parking spaces and two public transport stops will be built.

Dragana Mancea Street will be reconstructed in the length of 160m. A pedestrian and bicycle lane, 200m long and 3 m wide, will be built in the direction from Kneza Aleksandra Blvd to Prokop.

In addition to the construction of the bridge structure with abutments, a significant part of the project is the construction of a passage beneath Kneza Aleksandra Blvd leading to Prokop.

The project documentation has been prepared by the Institute of Transportation CIP.

The works will link the upper station square with the existing traffic network and public transport. Public transport lines are meant to go down the route, which will enable all parts of the city to be linked through it.

(eKapija, 05.09.2016)


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