Professor Milanovic: ‘Important issues in Serbia depend on the whim of one man’

Marko Milanović, a professor of international law at the University of Reading, UK, said in an interview for Nova that the Serbian head of state, Aleksandar Vučić, will make the decision to organise or ban the Europride march based on what is best for his government.

How do you think the issue of imposing sanctions on Russia will ultimately be resolved?

I don’t know. Just like the issue of the Europride ban, it depends on the whim of one man. Remember how a few months ago Vučić made a sharp turn against Russia, and how many experts said it was inevitable that he would impose sanctions on Russia and side with the West? I said then and still do today, that such a prediction is premature and that Vučić likes to keep his options open. And I assume he has legitimate reasons to be afraid of Putin.

The situation in Kosovo is mentioned as the reason why Europride was cancelled. Does that sound like a fair justification?

It is simply ridiculous. The Europride ban has nothing to do with the situation in Kosovo, apart from the fact that the tensions in and around Kosovo are largely artificially created. The idea that the police and other security structures in Serbia cannot protect a peaceful assembly from the violence of hooligans, because they are preoccupied with Kosovo, is simply meaningless. It should also be noted that those people in Serbia who approve of the Pride ban are not doing so because of an emergency situation around Kosovo, but rather think that a minority community does not have the right to demonstrate in the streets against the will of the majority.

In other words, they would ban Europride even if the situation in Kosovo were completely peaceful. But the essence of democracy lies not only in majority rule, but also in respecting the rights of the minority, and the tragedy of our society lies in our refusal to learn this simple lesson.

(, 14.09.2022)

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