Professor Chossudovsky: Washington ‘dismantled’ Yugoslavia back in 1974

It was Washington administration, with Richard Nixon at its helm that made a decision, back in 1974, that Yugoslavia should be “dismantled”, while the bloody part of the work was carried out by Western intelligence agencies headed by the CIA.

This is what Professor Michel Chossudowsky claims in an exclusive interview for the Vecernje Novosti daily, who is the founder of the renowned Global Research Centre. Professor Chossudowsky, who is a geopolitical expert living and working in Canada, was born in Switzerland in a mixed Jewish and Russian family.

Following Nixon’s decision for Yugoslavia to be taken apart, in 1981, Reagan’s administration elaborated on the matter in a government document and said that Yugoslavia should be dismantled for economic reasons.

“The then powers in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund estimated that they do not need a successful socialist country as an example that market economy can succeed in socialism. That is why your country underwent a man-made economic crisis in 1981, while in 1989 and 1990, it experienced an expansion. Nationalism emerged at about the same time with Western intelligence agencies playing a decisive role in it, by using the unresolved matters from the First and Second World wars to cause strife among the two largest nations in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,” the professor claims.

In the war that followed, you claim that foreigners had the main role and were blazing the trail for the so-called winners?

“Serbs are the largest and only state-building nation in the Balkans who are well-acquainted with what the term ‘state’ actually means. The so-called winners of those wars have nothing to boast about because they did not triumph. In Croatia, American generals gathered around the private military company MPRI, were present when Medacki Dzep and Operation Storm were carried out. NATO was also there to back the Croatian army. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Western Military Alliance received enormous help from the intelligence services of the oil-rich Islamic states. In Kosovo, most of the dirty work was done by NATO, while the Islamists did less.”

Tell us about the cooperation between the Americans and Iranians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The Republicans conducted an investigation in the US Congress against the Clinton administration shortly after the Lewinsky affair. The results of the investigation, called “Iran-Bosnia Affair,” suggest that the US policy in Bosnia was personally approved by Bill Clinton at the suggestion of Anthony Lake, the then head of the American umbrella intelligence agency, NSA. The main implementer of this strategy in the field was the US Ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith, who was responsible for boosting the Iranian influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Galbraith, who at that time was stationed in Croatia, contacted Sefko Omerbasic, the first Imam in Zagreb, and together they worked on “modifying” the Islamic military factor in Bosnia.”

When the investigation in the US Congress was completed in 1997, what happened next?

“The House of Representatives lodged a criminal complaint against Lake and Galbraith, but everything was dropped. It turned out that not only the Democrats were cooperating with the terrorists, but the Republicans too. Everything was hushed up.”

You talk about Kosovo’s independence as a nonsensical concept.

“There isn’t a single person in power there who is not a criminal. I’m scared of the idea that I have to personalize the so-called ‘heroes of the Kosovo state”, from (Hashim) Thaci and British General Jackson to Bernard Kouchner.”

In spite of everything, The Hague Tribunal painted such a picture of the civil war whereby Serbs were the main culprits for everything.

“I think the worst of the Hague Tribunal, which is why I am quoting documents from relevant sources according to which the most horrible crimes in Bosnia were committed by the Islamists, with the full support of the West.”


The Former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic called you to be his first defence witness during his trial at the Hague Tribunal.

“He called my books on Islamic terrorism, Al Qaeda and the connection between Western powers and Islamic fanatics, “the smoking gun” and used their parts in his defence. I agreed to be a defence witness, but I did not go to court because I was against Milosevic’s idea of representing himself in the court. He was undoubtedly a smart man, but in the courtroom, you simply needed lawyers.”


Professor Chossudowsky that, during the 1990s wars, the mercenaries from the private military company MPRI, composed of former senior US military officers fought on the Croat side.

“The same company was assisted by Al Qaeda and the Iranian intelligence service during the war in Bosnia and fought on the Muslim side. They joined the anti-Serb forces again several years later in 1999 in Kosovo and Metohija”, he adds.


Professor Michael Chossudowsky was awarded the Golden Medal of Merit in 2013, on the occasion of the Statehood Day of Serbia, by the decision of the then President Tomislav Nikolic.

(Vecernje Novosti, 07.04.2019)



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