Production of Fiat 500L in Kragujevac finished for this year

The production of Fiat 500L at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles facility in Serbia is finished for this year and will resume on January 15, 2020, when workers will return to their jobs.

Fiat’s independent trade union president, Zoran Markovic told the Beta news agency that production in 2019 was completed on Monday at 18:00. In 2019, the workers had more than 130 days of paid holidays, not counting national holidays.

Markovic also said that talks with the management of the Kragujevac plant about the payment of the end-of-year bonus were underway, which has been paid to workers at the end of the calendar year since 2010.

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“The bonus is a performance-based and we believe we deserve it in 2019 because we have fulfilled all the obligations we had towards the employer. It is not our fault that this year has seen a drop in production and that workers had more than 130 days of paid holidays,” said Markovic.

The union says the company has not released data on the number of vehicles produced in this calendar year. As some media have previously reported, unofficial sources say that about 40,000 Fiat 500L cars were produced in 2019, a quarter of the total capacity of the factory.

(Seebiz, 10.12.2019)


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