Production investments: Chinese Yinlong interested in Ikarbus

Chinese company Yinlog has met with the Serbian Economy Minister, Goran Knezevic to express its interest in investing in Ikarbus via a Zagreb-based company, LTO Energy.

Yinlong is the biggest global company for production of electric vehicles, lithium batteries and related products. It also produces 60,000 buses annually which have super fast charging that lasts between six and ten minutes.

The Serbian Economy Minister welcomed Yinlong’s intention, and added that production investments were what Serbia really needed.

According to him, 35,000 workers are producing components for the biggest global manufacturers in 64 factories in Serbia today. The minister reminded that the automobile industry in Serbia has an 80-year-long history, and that it was “one of the driving forces behind industrial production and development of Serbia’s economy”. Ikarbus will also be Yinlong’s production headquarters for the entire region.

The meeting between Yinlong and the Serbian Economy Minister in Belgrade was organized thanks to the Chinese Southeast European Business Association (CSEBA) with the CSEBA’s president Mario Rendulic and vice president Zvonimir Zlopasa also in attendance.

(SeeNews, 28.03.2017)

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