Procession against Europride held in Belgrade

Last night, over 10,000 people protested in the streets of Belgrade in a rally against the holding of Europride in the capital of Serbia which is supposed to be held from 12th to 18th September.

The protesters were shouting “We will not have a gay parade here!” and “We will renounce our holy places!”, waving flags of Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church, crosses, crucifixes, icons of Christ, the Virgin and various saints while chants and singing songs about Kosovo.

The procession started in front of the Belgrade headquarters of the Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarchate.

The Dobrica Erić Association for the Preservation of the Cyrillic Alphabet and other associations that declare themselves as Orthodox were the rally’s organizers.

The procession was monitored by the traffic police and included residents of Belgrade of all ages, from the elderly to babies, as well as numerous priests and monks.

(Danas, 15.08.2022)

Photo credits: FoNet / Milica Vučković

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