Pro-European parties meeting to reconsider election boycott

Many branches of the opposition parties and grassroots political groups are not satisfied with the decision of the biggest opposition parties to boycott the parliamentary and local elections.

They gathered at the event hosted by the Serbia 21 organization to discuss the possibilities of participating in the election.

Dozens of local branches of pro-European political parties, former influential members of these parties, as well as numerous civil groups met to support the participation in the elections, find a way not to give away their power to the SNS and SPS and try to find a model on how best to participate in the upcoming elections and protect citizens’ interests.

“Over the past months and weeks, we have travelled around Serbia and noticed that dozens of local branches of pro-European parties, as well as some prominent civil groups support the elections. They don’t want to withdraw from the elections like this, without a fight,” reveals a source from the organization.

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Some sixty or so representatives of citizens’ groups and local branches from the Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party, the former URS and LDP were present at the meeting, who openly oppose the boycott.

“As serious and responsible politicians, we are refusing to leave both our existing and potential voters all over Serbia without political representatives and want to firmly defend their interests in local governments and the national parliament,” the meeting participants said and added:

“Everyone, without exception, fears that if the civil and pro-European forces are not organized quickly and effectively, the Serbian Parliament would, for the next four years, remain without real and strong organized political forces that favour Serbia’s accession to the European Union.

In November, a declaration for Serbia’s European future was signed at the “For a European Serbia” rally at the Sava Centre in Belgrade. The declaration was presented by the organization Serbia 21. Miljana Jovanovic and Nenad Konstantinovic with parliamentarians Natasa Vuckovic and Vesna Marjanovic, Gordana Comic, Vice-Speaker of the National Parliament, Petar Miletic, member of the PSG Presidency, Milan Antonijevic (the Open Society Foundation), Bojan Klacar (CeSID), Marko Djurisic and Dejan Randic (Serbia 21) are among the signatories.

(Blic, 07.02.2020)

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