Pristina’s five demands for Belgrade and the recognition of Kosovo

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, reiterated the position of official Pristina, which expects recognition of Kosovo’s independence, the country’s membership of the EU and the United Nations, the repeal of Resolution 1244 and the recognition of its independence by the five members of the Union which have not yet done so.

Hoti said that dialogue on the normalisation of relations with Belgrade has been ongoing since 2011, and that, from now on, it will lead to mutual recognition, and added that he does not believe in the “conspiracies that have been created around dialogue”.

“Various conspiracies, maps and land-swap statements that are not true have been made and therefore will not be part of the conversation. We have established our principles and I have a mandate to negotiate on the basis of the Constitution, which gives me clear powers to lead this process. In addition, the Constitutional Court’s verdict clearly assigns me powers that I neither want nor can transfer to anyone else,” said Hoti.

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He said that he would not discuss issues relating to the territorial integrity of Kosovo within the framework of the dialogue, adding that the agreements must be made in accordance with the country’s Constitution and all open issues, such as missing persons, pensions, cadastral areas, artifacts and others, must be addressed and resolved.

During a round table in Pristina, the Kosovar Prime Minister said that he had received assurances from international representatives that there was no agreement with Belgrade in place, but that the dialogue must continue as it is in a stagnation phase.

(Blic, 17.06.2020)

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