Prices of Chinese goods will increase in the coming months

Chinese goods delivered to Serbia will soon become much more expensive while the lack of range on the market is already evident.

The German Economic Institute has warned shoppers that there will be a shortage of goods from China in the coming months. And the prices of these goods will be significantly higher because the delivery costs will also be higher. Containers from China arrive full and come back empty because there are not enough goods from Europe to be transported to China due to COVID-19. The problem has also affected Serbia.

The price of transporting a container from China to Europe used to range from 3,600 to 4,000 euro per container. Now, that price has risen to 8,000, 9,000 euro, depending on which Chinese port containers are shipped from.

Priority is given to those companies that pay in advance to their Chinese suppliers. Most of the containers that are returned to China are empty or full only 30% because of corona-induced production delays. The situation in the United States is even worse because many parts needed to finish Chinese products are several months overdue.

The value of China’s trade with 17 Central and Eastern European countries reached $103.15 billion in 2020 (it exceeded $100 billion for the first time) and it keeps growing year-on-year.

The lack of assortment and quantity of Chinese products in some segments are also quite evident. Due to the higher price of transportation, Serbian importers are not able to purchase large quantities of goods, so small and medium-sized companies are turning to large couriers for delivery. For some of them, the goods will arrive only in August, with a 30% higher price.

(Nova, 17.02.2021)



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