Price of parking in Belgrade to be charged depending on the time of day?

Public utility company Parking Servis Beograd is considering the possibility of implementing new alternative models of charging for parking. The idea is to implement different prices for different times of the week and the month.

Parking Servis will carry out an analysis of economic and traffic conditions which influence the parking system. Based on these results, the possibility of implementing different parking prices for different times of the day will be considered.

The goal of drafting such plan is to determine the effect of all parameters which influence the parking system in the capital in order to reach the most acceptable model for calculating all the individual prices for parking sports. Also, alternative models of parking in garages, parking lots and zoned areas are being considered.

“We have to come up with a price proposal and its impact on the company’s expected income,” the company says.

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In addition to this new feature, which is still only in theory, the company is planning to start charging special prices for drivers who need a parking space for a considerable period of time, that is for building tenants.

“The prices of daily parking tickets in public parking lots need to be analyzed and correlated with the price of per-hour parking,” the analysis of the PUE Parking Servis shows. Then, a potential increase of the price needs to be considered, depending on the attractiveness of the area in which it is implemented, that is, whether it is the red, the yellow, the green or the no-time-limit zone.

The latest increase in parking charges took place last summer when they rose by 10% to 12% on average. Before that, prices hadn’t changed for eight years.

(Vecernje Novosti, 31.07.2019)



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