President Vučić at Verona Wine Fair

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, who visited Verona, Italy, to attend a meeting related to the Open Balkans initiative, was a noticeable guest at the Verona Wine Fair.

He talked to the Italian hosts about the advantages of Serbian white wine ‘grašac’, why it took courage for the Macedonians to present their Serai Vranac wine and why the Albanian exhibitors should have waited to exhibit some of their wine varieties. “This is a relatively young wine. You have to wait another five, six or ten years. You opened it a little earlier than usual, it needs to be decanted,” Vučić said while tasting one of the Albanian wines.

Aleksandar Vučić is known as a serious wine aficionado which was very evident at last year’s Belgrade Fair where he spent almost an hour tasting various wines. He got so carried away that his media advisor tried to take away his glass in an effort to stop him from drinking.

At the Verona Wine Fair, also called Vinitaly, which is the biggest wine exhibition in the world, Vučić proved to be knowledgeable about Albanian and Macedonian wines too. He was accompanied by the Albanian and North Macedonian PMs, Edi Rama and Dimitar Kovačevski, respectively. He expressed his desire for more Italian wineries to cooperate with the Serbian ones in order to advance Serbian wine-making technology and the wine market.

(, 02.04.2023)

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