Presentation of the national football stadium

 Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced recently the beginning of the construction of the national football stadium for 2021.

As disclosed earlier, the stadium will be located in Surčin, close to the Miloš Veliki motorway and the Belgrade-Surčin road.

Vučić presented the details of the structure itself, and the Ministry of Finance presented 3D models of the future stadium.

“The interior will be made of wood, whereas the exterior will be made up of steel. The construction begins next year and the project will be financed entirely from the state budget,” Vučić said, adding that the stadium’s capacity would be 55,000 seats.

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Earlier, Finance Minister, Siniša Mali said the government had already allocated 250 million euro for the construction of the stadium in its 2020 budget.

While the state’s president thinks that the national stadium is “an essential project”, there is plenty of criticism from the public.

The Kreni-Promeni team and the Association for Protection of Constitutionality and Legality (UZUZ) have launched a petition against the new national stadium.

As Beta reports, UZUZ said that Vucic had given the green light to the project without presenting an economic feasibility study for such a project.

(Mondo, 27.08.2020)

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