Preliminary results of the 2022 census worrying

Although the census in Serbia will be carried out beyond the planned deadline, some municipalities have processed all the census data and have already published the first results.

The obtained numbers, as Blic daily reports, show how much the population in our country has changed, or rather how much population we lost in the last ten years.

Several towns in Serbia have already announced the results, namely Pirot, Leskovac and Vranje, and have confirmed the predictions of certain demographers that the population in Serbia has decreased by more than 10 percent.

Thus, according to the recently completed census, 125,876 people currently live in Leskovac, while according to the 2011 census, there were 144,206 people in the town, which shows a drop of 18,330 inhabitants, i.e. 12.7 percent.

Pirot also published its census results according to which it has a population of 50,099 compared to 57,911 in 2011, which is a 13.5 percent decrease.

In 2011, the southern town of Vranje had a population of 83,524. According to the census result, in the last ten years, the town lost 10.2 percent of inhabitants.

If these results are indicative of the current demographic situation in Serbia, it is safe to assume that the country has lost a total of 862,000 inhabitants, i.e. that its population dropped from 7,186,862 to around 6,320,000 inhabitants In the last ten years.

(RTV, 04.11.2022)

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