Preliminary results of Belgrade election – SNS wins

A local election was held in Belgrade today. A total of 1.185 polling stations were opened, and the voting took place between 7.00am and 20.00pm. Local elections were held also in Bor, Arandjelovac and Sevojno. 1,606,693 people had the right to vote, and according to the CESID, the turnout was 51%.

According to the IPSOS polling agency, and on the basis of 90% of the sample votes, the candidate list “Aleksandar Vucic – Because we love Belgrade” won 45% of the votes, the candidate list “Dragan Djilas – Belgrade decides, people win” won 18.8%, “Aleksandar Sapic – Mayor” 9.2%, and the candidate list assembled around the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) 6.1%.

Other candidate lists have not reached the legally required census.

Dveri and the Dosta je Bilo Movement won 3.9 % of the vote, the Ne Davimo Beograd movement won 3.5 %, the Serbian Radical Party 2.4 %, the Democratic Party candidate list 2.1 %, the candidate list “Ljubisa Preletacevic Beli” won 2.4 %, while the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) won 1.1% of the vote.

The Centre for Free Election and Democracy (CESID) has published the following results based on the voting results from 70 polling stations. The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won 45.6 % of the vote, Dragan Djilas 18.8 %, Aleksandar Sapić 8.1 % and the SPS candidate list 6 %.

That would mean that the Serbian Progressive Party would be given 63 seats in the Belgrade Parliament, Dragan Djilas 26 seats, Aleksandar Sapic 13 seats and the SPS coalition 8 parliamentary seats.

Belgrade City Assembly members serve four-year terms elected on a closed party list proportional representation system.

The Belgrade vote was for local offices only, but it’s considered important because of the city’s key role in Serbia’s economy and politics. Official results are due Monday, but they are not expected to differ much from the preliminary projections.

(N1, Blic, 04.03.2018)






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