Prelevic: “Vucic’s ratings are slipping”

Lawyer Bozo Prelevic said on Thursday that all relevant opinion polls, as well as the January 16 referendum on Constitutional changes, showed that President Aleksandar Vucic’s popularity was fading, adding “his fabrication of the information that he might be assassinated and his constant presence in all the media outlets, caused people to be fed up and realise none of those claims were true.”

„We have the president in media only. He attacks and defends; he draws power from the media. He wouldn’t know what to do if there were no (TVs) programmes. He doesn’t do anything apart from thinking how to be even more present in the media,“ Prelevic told the Belgrade weekly, Vreme.

Prelevic said that news on an assassination plan was published by the Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin, and when asked about Europol being the source of it, Prelevic said: “Do you understand who has conveyed the news? We have no parliament, media, interior minister, and prime minister – we have only one person (Vucic). Everyone defends that person, not because they love him, but because they have their interest in continuing with the corruptive businesses.”

So far, Europol has neither confirmed nor denied it has passed the information (about the assassination) to Serbia’s authorities.

(Direktno, 27.01.2022)




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