Pregnant women now in even worse position because of new law

Before going on maternity leave, future mothers will have to work at least 12 consecutive months in order to continue receiving the full salary during their pregnancy, while on sick leave. So far, the relevant law prescribed that this period was 3 months.

This is one of the novelties that the newly adopted Health Insurance Law brings, which puts pregnant women in a worse position than before.

“In addition, pregnant women who were employed for only a few months before falling pregnant will only receive several thousand dinars when they go on maternity leave according to the Law on Financial Support for Families with Children, as they have to be employed for 18 consecutive months before going on maternity leave in order to receive the full compensation,” Tatjana Macura of the Mummy Initiative explains.

The salary, that a pregnant woman receives, providing she has been only employed for three consecutive months prior to getting pregnant, is calculated by adding a nine-month-average minimum wage to her existing salary and then dividing this amount by 12 (months).

This means that a pregnant woman, who had a salary of 30,000 dinars and who went on sick leave three months after working in a new job, will receive a monthly income of 21,100 dinars.

When her child is born, she will only receive 5,000 dinars a month according to the current Law on Financial Support for Families with Children, which came into force on July 1, 2018, since pregnancy sick leave is not included in the calculation of maternity leave compensation.

“Although our politicians are talking about boosting birth rate left and right, the laws they adopt are far from that. The newly adopted law means that pregnant women are practically forced them all the way until they give birth, regardless of whether they have a problem-free or risky pregnancy,” says Tatjana Macura.

(Kamatica, 04.04.2019)





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