Predrag Kon: “There won’t be a need for 24-hour-curfew if we are all disciplined”

The epidemiologist Predrag Kon said that the introduction of a 24-hour-curfew is not necessary if people are disciplined.

Speaking on the N1 TV, he revealed that the prerequisite for the introduction of a 24-hour-curfew order is “serious deterioration of the situation” i.e. “a sudden increase in the number of infected and dead”.

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“It is theoretically and practically impossible that, if there is no contact between people for 14 full days, that the virus will survive. A 24-hour-curfew would make sense if there were a sudden surge of infected people and a consequent increase in the number of deaths, which cannot be ruled out. This would be our last option,” he added.

Kon said that in five or seven days, which is how long the incubation period in 90% of cases lasts, the health services will see if there is a significant fall in the number of the newly infected or if the numbers will lead to congestion in testing at the Torlak Institute for Infectious Diseases”.

The epidemiologist pointed out that the most serious consequences of COVID-19 infection appear two weeks after infection.

(B92, 31.03.2020)

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