Predrag Kon: “Get ready for six more weeks of this situation”

The epidemiologist Predrag Kon says that the second week has passed since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic and that the third week is one of the crucial weeks for the epidemic.

He underlines that the aim is to stop the epidemic and that the country will have to spend another six weeks in a restrictive regime like the current one. Experts say that fear in such situations is a normal reaction, but urges people not to panic.

Kon also says that there are currently 103 people infected with the virus, so far with no deaths.

Kon confirms that he anticipated such a situation and that the current situation is not the worst, on the contrary.

“All in all, it’s not so bad, it would be ideal if it continued like this. Although we expected the number of cases to rise steadily, it didn’t. A sharp increase in the number of infected people was also expected, but this increase did not happen as yet,” Kon said.

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He highlighted that the third week will be crucial, mainly because of the measures introduced to curb the spread of the virus. If they turn out to be effective, the epidemic will be reduced, he added.

“There could be 500 cases in total”

Despite the measures, many people are spending time outside, which automatically means that they are at greater risk of infection.

“We have recorded 103 cases so far. The pessimists think there will be 10 times as many. Optimists, like myself, say 5 times more. I think we will have a total of 500 cases throughout Serbia or 1,000 at the most. If we look at the whole of Serbia, we can see that the highest number of infected people is in Belgrade, a third in total. Then there are people who are moving around and we can’t say exactly how many of them have the coronavirus,” Kon admitted.

One of the concerns is what to do to reduce the risk of infection.

“You must follow the measures and recommendations. Everything we have been talking about. If you want to protect yourselves, you know you have to wash your hands more often than before. Also, please refrain from touching your face,” Kon adds.

Masks only effective indoors

The epidemiologist also says that it is not necessary to wear a protective mask outside, but that they are only effective inside closed spaces.

“No sports in the next month and a half”

When it comes to children, Kon points out that they want some company and to socialize a little, which is understandable.

“My point of view is that they should socialize a little, under constant parental control. Two or three children in a group is the upper limit, there shouldn’t be more of them in one place. Teenagers are posing a serious problem with gathering to play outdoor sports. I’m sorry to say it, but in the next month and a half, that will be impossible,” added Kon.

“When we go out outdoors, wearing masks doesn’t make much sense. If you are using public transport, indoor places and shops, it makes sense to wear masks”, concluded Kon.

(Bizlife, 20.03.2020)



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