Predrag Kon: “Anyone who comes into contact with the infected will be tested”

“Anyone who has been in contact with an infected person will be tested, and the same applies to those who have been isolated until now so we make sure that if they do carry the virus, they don’t pass it on,” says Dr Predrag Kon, the chief epidemiologist.

He adds that the new plan to aggressively combat the coronavirus includes testing both those people who have been in contact with infected people and those who are in self-isolation, not just the sick.

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Kon explained that the so-called flattening the curve policy, which included extraordinary measures such as a curfew and reducing contact to a minimum, the state was moving onto the more aggressive suppression of the virus, i.e. the detection of all carriers of the virus and their isolation in specially built hospitals.

“The work ahead of us enormous, but it facilitates an accelerated crackdown on the previous variant, where only serious cases were tested”, he added.

He also indicated that all the country’s laboratories will be included in this campaign, adding that there are currently 10,000 people in self-isolation. Testing must be well-organized to reduce the possibility of infection.

When it comes to triage, he says it’s the best methodology to save lives and it’s the safest at the same time. As far as the current situation is concerned, Kon points out that it could be better, but there is no reason to be dissatisfied either.

“We are on day 19 and weeks 3 and 4 are the weeks of a rapid contagion. We are keeping the curve low and it is growing slowly. I hope that with these measures and further aggressive virus suppression we will earn even more time and suppress the virus contagion soon as possible,” he said.

The epidemiologist also underlines that it is encouraging to see that the death toll in Italy has been declining.

“The contagion peak in Italy has passed and that means a lot to us because in terms of the overall potential of the virus. We will continue to follow the situation closely and wait for it to lose its potential, which is now enormous,” he added.

Kon concluded that, with the current measures, he did not consider the isolation of entire country necessary.

“I think we still have control of the situation and we just have to keep going. We need more staff”, he concluded.

(Politika, 24.03.2020)



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