Praise for the Exit Festival from the British magazine NME

The famous British music magazine NME (New Musical Express) reported in superlatives about this year’s Exit festival, calling the Festival’s 2022 edition ‘spectacular’.

NME’s report, Max Pilley, spent four days at the Festival and his impressions of the festival itself and the performances were excellent.

Pilley writes that Calvin Harris’ performance was a ‘mega party at the Petrovaradin fortress’, Nick Cave’s performance a ‘spiritual experience’, the Dance Arena was described as ‘magnificent’, and ‘the range of stages incredible’. NME magazine also paid tribute to Konstrakta, which ‘occupies the same stage space’ as Calvin Harris and Nick Cave.

The Exit festival venue, the Petrovaradin fortress, is described by NME as ‘a place of unusual beauty’. “Beyond towering headline sets from the likes of Calvin Harris and Iggy Azalea, though, and the army of Europe’s elite DJs and producers that filled the dozen or so stages, there were major names from across the musical spectrum: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Sepultura and Napalm Death, to name just a few,” Max Pilley writes.

The magazine also highlighted performances by Masked Wolf, Marky Ramon, The Undertones, Honey Dijon, ANNA and Sama Abdulhadi, Konstrakta, Coach Party and BĘÃTFÓØT.

If there is a lesson to learn from EXIT Festival, it is that this is a place where music from every community is invited, welcomed and treated equally, and the result is a festival with an atmosphere all of its own. Bravo!”, Pilley concludes.

(Euronews, 21.07.2022)


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