Prada and Gucci shoes to be made in Sombor

Italian company Progetti bought three land plots last Tuesday in the Sombor industrial zone where it will build new facilities for shoe and shoe parts production, the city authorities said.

Namely, in the auction, the Italians bought three land plots spanning 11,372, 5,584 and 26,754 square metres respectively at the initial price of RSD 20,272,200 or RSD 460 per square meters, the report said.

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Progetti was founded in 2001 by two Italian brothers, Romano and Enrico Rossi, who both had extensive knowledge and expertise within the footwear industry beforehand.

Progetti manufactures high quality semi-finished shoe parts (uppers), as well as beautifully stylish shoes, the company site states.

To remind, Progetti already makes shoes for the renowned fashion house Prada shoes in Serbia (around 75,000 pairs of shoes a year) in its factories in Vrsac. The shoes bear the label “Made in Serbia”. The company also makes shoes for Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Progetti currently employs more than 1,000 people in its factories in Sombor, Vrsac and Vladimirci. 

(Telegraf, 23.08.2019)

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