Potential of Serbian Recycling Industry

Waste recycling has become big business in Serbia with many people getting involved.

Recycling is the youngest industrial branch in Serbia which, in the last three years, has employed over 10,000 people with 2,200 companies in our country engaging in recycling.

However, if some crucial issues are not resolved, the entire industry can be in jeopardy.

“The recycling industry has been recording a slight decline in the last two years. In 2013, we recycled 25% less than in 2012 and the same trend continued in 2014. It is necessary for the recycling industry to be regulated by an independent ministry of ecology, for the new Parliament to urgently adopt a series of green laws which would stipulate establishment of the Green Economy Fund and we need to have predictability in our operations”, said Ana Petrović Vukićević, President of the Association of Recyclers of Serbia.

While the EU recycles approximately 50% of waste, in Serbia, this percentage is far lower and this is where a huge potential of the recycling industry and economy in general in Serbia lies.

“To this end, there are allocated funds in the amount of 10.5 billion Euros for the period up to 2018 which are supposed to be spent on implementing all environmental issues. Considering that we aim to become an EU member, our plan is to invest in waste management and infrastructure because, at this moment, the state only recycles between 10 and 15% of waste which, you would agree, is very little”, said Stana Božović, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment.

The public needs to be aware that waste is valuable. Serbia is losing millions of Euros from not fully utilizing secondary raw-materials.

(B92, 13.04.2014)

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