Postmen ordered to photograph voter invitation cards

The Serbian Post has recently informed its employees (postmen) that they would have to take photos of mailboxes to which they delivered voter invitation cards, in order to avoid complaints, Nova has learned.

“The notice of the day and time of the election is considered an unregistered postal dispatch that is delivered to the recipient by putting the invitation card in their home mailbox in line with the prescribed procedure. The expected number of delivered voter invitation cards is about 8.5 million,” reads the document, which notes that recipients have often complained about the quality of delivery.

In order to prevent such complaints, “it is necessary to define ways of confirming delivery or the presence of the letter carrier at the group or individual mailbox during delivery,” the document states. For all of the above, the Serbian Post authorities say postmen should take photos of the mailboxes in which they have put voter invitation cards.

These photos should be then sent via Viber, WhatsApp or in the mail itself to the Serbian Post which will allow the organization to respond to recipients who might have not received a voter invitation card.

The postmen are outraged by this demand because it contradicts the Regulation on Work Organization. “All of this contradicts the rules in the Work Organization and Systematization Regulation. Nowhere in the document does it say that we have to photograph our work,” postmen say.

A source says that quite a few postmen have noticed changes in certain addresses. “Some colleagues have noticed that the number of people living in the same apartment or house has drastically increased but could not say what is the reason for that,” the source says.

There have been frequent media reports recently about the so-called ghost voters, i.e. people who are either dead or do not live at the given address anymore but have received voter invitation cards.




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