Postal workers continue their strike

More than 200 postal workers gathered on Sunday evening in front of the Post Office’s main distribution centre in Zemun, dissatisfied with the government’s offer.

Their request that post office workers receive a salary that is, at least, a state average, was rejected so they will continue with the strike, as they stated in a meeting on Sunday evening with the Serbian government.

This means that the letters will not leave the distribution centre to the recipients’ addresses yet. Post Office employees have been on strike since last Monday and now that they are demanding that they are represented by someone else in the negotiations.

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According to trade union data, postal workers with a high school education receive a monthly salary of an average of 39,000 dinars and the government is offering a maximum of 45,000 dinars.  The latest negotiations were conducted on Friday and the Post Office’s management was given a deadline until yesterday to come up with their final proposal on the wage increase.

According to a proposal submitted to the workers on Friday and after negotiations between the government, the Post Office management and postal workers, wages should be increased by 13% for the least qualified workers, while the remaining 2,500 higher-paid employees should receive a 5% increase.

“We have asked the management to provide us with the information about the highest salaries in the Post Office,” said Radoje Djermanovic, president of the Post Office trade union and added: “According to our calculation, employees with a salary of 40,000 should now receive 47,000 dinars a month, while those who get 62,000 dinars a month should receive 66,000 dinars. This means that the postal workers with the university degree will get the lowest increase and those with a high school diploma the biggest increase in salary.”

(Kamatica, 09.12.2019)

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