Postal workers across Serbia suspended

The postal workers, who have been on strike for 9 days, confirmed that some of them had been suspended for refusing orders from their superiors to resume their work.

Speaking to N1 reporters in Belgrade and Novi Sad, they said that managers tried to hand them work orders which they said were contrary to the relevant regulation, adding that anyone who refused to accept the work order was suspended with partial pay.

They specified that Post Office staff who had children were suspended with one-third monthly wages while others were suspended with one-quarter pay which amounts to no more than 10,000 Dinars.

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N1 was told unofficially by the post office staff that the government has decided to let management take care of the problem on its own.

A spokesman for the strikers said they had been given an identical offer as a few days earlier but refused it even though it included the promise that they would not be punished.

 Spokesman Stefan Mitrovic said that the Post Office management was resorting to the same methods it has used for years but added that the strikers would not give up their protest over pay. He added that the strikers were ignoring the suspension orders.

The Post Office management is reported to have suspended more than 200 strikers so far.

(Danas, 12.12.2019)



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