Post office workers end the strike today

Post office workers, who have been on strike for the past several weeks, have confirmed to the Serbian state TV (RTS) that they are going back to work today after reaching a deal with the government.

RTS reported that all of the strikers would go back to work, ending their protest which started on October 24. Spokespeople for the strikers said that most of them were already back at work and added that they expected their remaining demands to be met by the end of the month or they would resume the strike.

They said they were not happy with the pay rise of about 20 percent but were satisfied that an agreement had been reached on other demands.

“We will fight. This can be said to be a ceasefire…. The management and the government should be aware that they can’t toy with Post Office staff and that we are carefully monitoring whether they will fulfil everything from the agreement. If they don’t meet all of our demands by December 1st, we will go on an even bigger strike,” the postal workers’ spokesman Stefan Mitrovic told RTS.

(Vreme, 23.11.2023)

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