Possible merger between Fiat and Renault will not affect Fiat’s plant in Kragujevac?

The operating management of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia has been unofficially informed by their colleagues from Turin that the potential merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Renault would not essentially change the plans of the factory in Kragujevac in the period until the year 2022.

The readiness of assembly lines for the serial production of the new model will be checked, as said, in late 2019, so that the production of the new model could start at full capacity in 2020.

The parameters for the production of the new car, checked on several occasions in Kragujevac, show that Fiat plans to produce an SUV vehicle in this factory, most probably based on Punto or Tipo.

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The increasingly frequent media allegations about the operations and the survival of this company in Serbia have been dismissed by the management of the Kragujevac plant. Unofficially, they say that the allegations would be humorous if they didn’t cause unrest among the workers.

The workers are also worried about the information that the management of the Kragujevac Fiat would ask the line ministry to approve the employees to be paid for another 95 days of leave.

Zoran Markovic, the president of the independent union of this company, said that in the case of the company’s management applying for the approval more than 45 working days on paid leave, they also have to obtain the opinion from the company’s trade unions beforehand.

The company’s management reminds that the heads of the company told the employees in 2018 that the factory in Kragujevac was included in the Group’s five-year-plan and that the claims that Fiat planned to close what is believed the most modern factory in the group, in which nearly EUR 1.5 billion was invested, were irresponsible.

(Kamatica, 29.05.2019)



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