Population census: 81.1% Serbian citizens are Orthodox Christians

The State Statistics Office published this week the new results of the 2022 population census, which refer to data on the population by nationality and religion.

Out of 6,647,003 inhabitants, according to the last census, 5,758,719 citizens declared themselves to be Serbs. The data show that when it comes to religion, 5,166,757 or 89 percent of Serbs declared themselves to be of the Orthodox faith, while the remaining almost 11 percent respect and believe in other religions.

Almost 12,000 Serbs are Catholic, nearly 4,000 are Protestants, and more than 4,200 have declared that they believe in Islam. There are nearly 50,000 other Christian faiths, 114 Serbs of Judaic religion, 416 of Eastern religion.

Agnostics among Serbs are 5,768, atheists more than 47,000, and 38,000 did not declare.

According to the latest results of the census, 86.6 percent of the citizens in Serbia are Christians – 81.1 percent are Orthodox, 3.9 percent are Catholics, 0.8 percent are Protestants and 0.9 percent are persons who stated that they belong to other Christian churches or declared themselves only as Christians.

After Christians, the most populous are members of the Islamic religion – 4.2 percent. About 2.5 percent of the population exercised their constitutionally guaranteed right not to declare their religious affiliation, while 1.1 percent of the population declared that they were not believers (atheists) and about 0.1 percent that they were agnostics.

(Politika, 19.06.2023)


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